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Your SUEZ Communities Trust User Account

Welcome to Your SUEZ Communities Trust User Account, through which you can: 

  • create and manage a user account 
  • start, retrieve and submit an application for funding 
  • manage a successful funding award (activate your funding, make a claim for payment etc) 

You must read the appropriate application guide before starting a new application form. The application guide explains our eligibility criteria and contains important and up-to-date information required to make an application for funding. 

In order to start your first application form you will need to create a user account by selecting 'My account', and then completing the details under 'First login'. Email correspondence will be sent to the email address you use to create your account. You can update this at any time by selecting ‘My account’ and ‘Manage my personal data’. 

The online application process is in two stages: 

  • The stage one application form consists of an eligibility check followed by some brief questions about the applying organisation and the project for which you are seeking funding. A stage 1 application can be submitted at any time and you will receive a response by email within 5 working days. If your stage 1 application meets our eligibility criteria we will invite you to submit a stage 2 application, which must be submitted within 12 weeks of receiving the invitation 
  • The stage two application form asks for more detailed information about the project and requires you to upload supporting documents

A full explanation of the two-stage application process, along with a list of the supporting documents, can be found in the application guide.

When completing an application form the information you enter is auto-saved as you type. You can return to the form at any time via the 'Retrieve your application' button on our main website.  

Once you have completed your form, carefully reviewed your answers and clicked ‘Validate and send’ you will see a message acknowledging receipt. You will also receive an e-mail, which confirms receipt of your application and advises what happens next in the application process. A copy of your application will be attached to the e-mail.

We may need to request additional information once your application has been submitted. Our funds are heavily oversubscribed, therefore any request or correspondence must be responded to promptly.